Free Online Curriculum

Southeast Academy Online currently has a FREE online option for 3rd-8th graders!

Free Online Curriculum - FreeHomeschooling.netYou can signup to use their free online curriculum for the remainder of the year! It is a great way to offer a structure for your child if home from school. Up to 90% of student work is automatically scored by the system, so it reduces parent workload. SEA will setup a typical amount of daily student work in Language Arts, Math, Science, and History that can cover your child’s learning for the remainder of the year. It will require 3-4 hours of student work per school day. The work assigned is for concepts normally covered toward the end of the year in each of those subjects.

This is an especially good option if your existing school does not have a quality response for school work at home. No facetime tools are used with this free offer. You can have your child work on days your school would have been in session. This free offer will allow curriculum access until June 30th.

Although you do not have some of the benefits as if enrolled in their regular tuition-based programs, your 3rd-8th grader will not fall behind academically. This is an ideal opportunity to see how homeschooling could work for next year. Read more on’s webiste!