Example Value

Example Value of HomeschoolingHere is an example value of benefits that can be provided with a tuition-based homeschool program.

The example value of benefits below only pertains to benefits over free homeschooling options. The program has many other strengths that are not listed. Using an option like this one removes the research time every year that you homeschool. There is someone besides the parent that is interested in the quantity and quality of homeschool work, which greatly helps protect parent-student relationships. There are multiple benefits that save the parent’s time, so more attention can be given to encouragement. Record keeping including current G.P.A., scoring, concept help, built-in lesson planning, and the areas listed below make this example a money, time, and stress reducing value!


Southeast Academy Online has 37 years of experience, so is not an experiment. Many homeschool programs, especially free ones are less than 12 years old, so long term outcomes are yet to be known.

They offer Prek through High School, so something different doesn’t have to be implemented in future grade levels. This long-term familiarity makes it more efficient for both the parent and student. The same procedures and structure can be used for siblings. Many free options do not cover all grade levels, so there is a risk that concept gaps can happen.

Southeast Academy has two accreditations, so other educators have evaluated the program and curriculum.┬áThis is important because “fun” looking examples do not always equate to sufficient learning. A lot of free curriculum has not been checked by multiple educators.

They offer a combination of curriculum formats during critical grade levels where each student is different on how they interact with online learning. A combination format can reduce screen time and offer more penmanship experience. The student can fully transition to the benefits of online learning when the time is right. Finding paper-based and online curriculum that has the exact scope and sequence to prevent learning gaps is almost impossible with free or low-cost curriculum.

Southeast Academy is also lower costing for services included.

Southeast Academy offers in-home achievement testing. Achievement testing or standardized testing is required in many states, and most allow this type of testing. It is very helpful for most children to test in a familiar environment. It is a great advantage in some states to be able to say the testing was done through Southeast Academy.

Record keeping is provided. The parents and student can see the current G.P.A. at any time, which makes it easy to offer encouragement and incentives to keep the student on track. This accredited school record is also important if the student should later enroll in a campus-based school. Free options will not have this benefit.

Southeast Academy also offers teacher support options, which is very important for older grade levels or a parent that has a home business. Free options are not going to provide any support. Low cost options will not offer human concept help either.

If important to the student, can say he or she is enrolled at Southeast Academy instead of homeschooling. There are several more benefits than these example values. Look at the By Grade page for your situation at Southeast Academy Online. There are different support and pricing options.

Make sure you read why you can afford a tuition-based homeschool program!

See why we used Southeast Academy as an example value.